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VLOG: First EP – Recording Drums at Max Volume

Here’s how our vlog on  how recording drums went down. Due to Canada Post delays with the new drum heads we started a bit late, but once they arrived we installed the skins and all the drums were tuned up and ready to go!

The day started with visiting the local Long & McQuade to pickup the freshly delivered skins. The owner of Max Volume was there buying some new Audix FP7 kit microphones that we were going to test out with the recordings. We wanted a big sound, and the studio did not disappoint.

We tested out a couple mic positions, mostly focusing on the bass drum. To capture the low frequencies we setup a sub-kick for the bass drum.  After a few tests, actual recording drums for the album begun.

We made some changes to one of the songs last minute and after that Steve quickly learned the new parts and hammered them down.

A few lessons were learned during this process. We could have better programmed our click and scratch tracks, since some parts of the songs we used older versions for. This wasn’t too big of a deal, but sometimes would cause us to retake a part or two.

We just recently started rehearsing to a click track a couple weeks prior to going into the studio and so far it’s been going really well! After we finish at the studio, we’ll be working to create backing tracks to our songs so that in live performances the majority of the song can be captured.

We’ll be posting more videos weekly. Next video will focus on recording bass guitar. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content! Also, check out Max Volume Recording & Production.

This post is a continuation of our recording process for our first EP. Here’s a link to the playlist with all the first EP vlogs. You can also look at our vlogs category in our news updates.