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VLOG: First EP – Recording rhythm guitars at Max Volume

It took us a few evenings, but we managed to finish recording rhythm guitars. Now that we have drums, bass and rhythm guitars finished, we’re able to get an idea what our album will sound like and we’re excited!

We started the process with testing some tones. First thing was to make sure we were able to get some nice usable sounds from our own amplifiers. We play a Peavey 6505+ and EVH 5150IIIS so we were able to get some great tones from the start. We cranked our amps louder than they’ve ever been, pulled back on the gain and boosted the mids. Then we went on to playing around with different microphone positions and quickly after that we began recording rhythm guitars.

We wanted both guitarists to be recording the rhythm parts for the EP, therefore we needed to make sure that they were playing the same thing in the same way. Often times during rehearsals we’ll slightly modify the riffs and once we were ready for recording we realized there were parts we played differently. We made sure both guitarists were present during recordings and that they both played the same thing.

We decided to record the guitars in sections rather than from start to finish. This allowed us to focus more on playing the current parts as best we could.

We’ll be posting more videos weekly. Next video will focus on lead guitars. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content and be notified about new videos! We also have a mailing list if you’d like to be notified about special announcements or if we’re playing a show in your city.

This post is a continuation of our recording process for our first EP. Here’s a link to the playlist with all the first EP vlogs. You can also look at our Vlogs category in our news updates. Recordings were done at Max Volume Recording & Productions.